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We will transform gaming by connecting players everywhere through augmented and mixed reality. Our platform will create a rich social experience and foster a community in which our players can explore extraordinary worlds and express their creativity.

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Our Vision

Our Vision

Anjekumi loves tabletop games.

We are consumed with enhancing tabletop gaming by way of the emerging technologies under the XR (Extended Reality) umbrella. We believe in the immense value of the truly social nature of these games. We believe in player choice and creativity.

We want to engage you – the tabletop gamers of the world – to expand your imaginations and play your favorite RPGs, miniature wargames, board games, etc. in immersive ways we all have only dreamed about.

Anjekumi is building a platform that will empower gamers to host and participate in these amazingly fun and inventive games with friends, family, and friends-you-haven’t-met-yet.

Our players will be able to create and play games that can take place in a far-off fantastic universe and still look the other players in the eye from across the table – or, eventually, across the world. Our platform will merge the physical and the virtual.

Our dream is to host a community of gamers – of all stripes. We want old-school pros and the noobiest of noobs. We want Game Masters. We want builders, modders, storytellers, artists, and creators from all over this planet.

We believe most all of us – regardless of age, gender, culture of origin, etc. – started our lives playing on the ground with toys and games. Yet, they weren’t just toys to us. They felt real then. We gave them agency. We brought them to life. We built worlds.

We believe that innate level of connection with our characters, game worlds, and fellow players is key to gameplay.

We want to bring your characters to life again. We will bring your games to life.

We’re Anjekumi. Nice to meet you!



Significant general management experience in all facets of the entertainment and media sector. Formerly Chairman of Atari and executive responsible for oversight of MGM Interactive.


Seasoned senior executive and attorney in the entertainment and media sector. Significant experience leading teams in corporate strategy and operations, M&A and IPO readiness.


Experienced game developer and independent film producer. Founding member of the silicon valley developer Frontline. President of Unified Pictures, a leading independent production company.


Award-winning producer and director. Member of the Producers Guild and the Directors Guild. Extensive background in computer programming and software design.


Accomplished writer and producer. Has worked on multiple demos, games, and experiences in the XR/MR space for a variety of companies after being one of the first key creatives at Magic Leap. Avid gamer ever since his father brought home the Fairchild Channel F game system.

Board Of Directors


Founder and CEO of Dusenberry Entertainment. Formerly served as CEO of Hasbro Interactive,, Atari, and NASCAR Heat, COO and Board of Directors member of STEM and K’NEX and senior executive of Parker Brothers and Milton Bradley (Monopoly, Trivial Pursuit, Risk and others). Tom has published video games, PC and mobile games working with the top brands including Mattel, Disney (Lucas/Marvel), Sony, Microsoft, Apple, Facebook, Walmart, Target, Amazon, NFL, PGA, NASCAR and Coke.


CEO & co-founder of the HMC Company and a board member and trustee of the Microsoft Alumni Network & Foundation. Former VP of Corporate Communications at Microsoft. Created the company's highly acclaimed branding strategy, including the introduction and naming of Microsoft's Windows. Prior to Microsoft, served in executive marketing positions with General Mills and Nestle before becoming Vice President of Worldwide Marketing for the Neutrogena Corporation.


Currently the CEO/Founder of No Strings Toys LLC, a technology design and consulting company. Previously was the Senior Vice President of Product Development for Cheyenne Mountain Entertainment and the VP of Production for Kayak Interactive, Inc., a mobile gaming company. Has held executive positions at Sega of America, Electronic Arts, Hasbro Interactive, Vivendi Universal Games, and Namco. Founded Interactive Designs, Inc. and Sweet Micro Systems, Inc.

Who We Are

Anjekumi is dramatically transforming the way tabletop games are played. Our mission is to connect gamers of all types and enable them to play from anywhere in the world.

We are embracing XR technology to provide the user an enhanced play experience, with dynamic new game mechanics. Anjekumi’s proprietary MERLIN gameplay system is platform agnostic, and will bring our games to existing PC, Android, and iOS devices, and to the HMD wearable AR devices of tomorrow.

Launching with recognizable IP, Anjekumi will tap into large basses of passionate fans reducing our marketing burden and leveraging substantial creative investment. Today more than 900M AR enabled devices are in use and with a market projected to be worth almost 200B by 2025, the opportunity for gaming in the space is vast.

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